Clarity through holographic visualization

BGC HoloLens Development

BGC is developing a solution that will enable everyone to understand applied earth science as immersive, 3D landscapes. This has the potential to transform how we communicate on a day-to-day basis.

Applied earth sciences deal with the world in three dimensions. But our industry still communicates with stakeholders using 2D drawings on flat screens. This makes it difficult to show the scale and scope of a project.

Our novel solution combines geomatics data, engineering design and real time computer graphics to visualize an immersive version of an engineered landscape. With this solution, experts and non-technical stakeholders can visit a digital version of their project site, at any time, past, present or future.

We have assembled a unique team with expertise in earth sciences and mixed-reality holographic visualization. Together, we have created a functional proof of concept, viewable today on the Microsoft HoloLens platform.

With this breakthrough technology, anyone can stand in an engineered mining landscape at closure in a realistic 3-D interactive and immersive experience. This can enhance communication and understanding amongst and between mine designers, key decision makers and all individuals who care deeply of the final state of the land.

Clearer communication between diverse stakeholders leads to higher confidence in decision making and minimizes costly delays.

Who Are We?

BGC ( is an applied earth science consulting company that finds common sense solutions to challenging earth science problems.  We have offices throughout Canada as well as in Colorado and Santiago, Chile. We are currently investing in the development of holographic mixed-reality computing, via the HoloLens, as a method for better communication, visualization, and decision making for complex engineering and geoscience projects.


What Is HoloLens?

Microsoft HoloLens is a newly available technology that is being accepted by technology experts as the future of interactive computing. The HoloLens is a head-mounted mobile holographic computer that allows the user to view 3D digital data sets and environments while at their desk or frankly anywhere in the world. The holographic visualizations visible through the HoloLens can reduce client costs through increased efficiency by making it easier for stakeholders to see and understand difficult concepts in 3D, facilitating confident decision making and faster design iteration. The HoloLens has the power to enable clearer communication in a format that is easy to understand with minimal need for mental interpretation.

Key Features

XYZ + time: View engineering plans in volumetric 3D. Clearly communicate the effects of design decisions at each stage of the active life of a project, and beyond.

Sub-surface visualization: Visualize material consolidation and fluid simulations in 3D. Give stakeholders a better understanding of how man-made geology influences landscape and groundwater conditions.

Walk the landscape: Reduce stakeholder anxiety by immersing them in a virtual tour of the site. Offer a more natural point of view to understand design decisions before moving tons of earth.

Turnaround time in days, not months: Develop data driven pipelines that use standard engineering dataset to generate immersive landscapes and 3D visualization presentations with minimal editing or setup.

Share your insights with others: Allow multiple users to view 3D visualizations together, from around the world. Build confidence and a common understanding to create a shared project vision.

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